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Sophie's Choice: You will one day be old. Yes, you.

October 17, 2012

I think we have a tendency to treat old people like old dogs. Maybe we treat the old dogs better. At least they get fawned over and tossed a bone now and then (or in the case of my 13-year-old black lab, I have a coworker who occasionally brings her a small cup of plain Froyo and another who throws her more than one biscuit).

Speaking of Sports: "Livestrong" or live the big lie?

September 12, 2012

True or false—Lance Armstrong?
Since Lance Legend won his first Tour de France title back in 1999, there has been more than a little debate about whether or not those fetes of endurance and athletic prowess should be viewed from the yellow jersey of disingenuous derision.
In short, has Lance Icon been lying like another politician during election season?

HOUSE CALL By Julie Crist

August 29, 2012

Digestive Diseases Spike

How are your guts?
Since 1996, inflammatory bowel diseases are up 40 percent. This can include Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Spastic Colon, Coli­tis, chronic constipation and indigestion, gas, bloating, leaky gut, “touchy stomach”, or almost any sort of digestive problem you can imagine.
I see lots of people with digestive problems in my office. In fact, I would say almost no one comes in and says, “My digestion is fantastic! I have daily bowel movements, no gas or bloating, and never any indigestion, nausea, or heartburn.”

What James taught me

June 19, 2012

When memorializing someone the memory is anything but objective. Time goes by, other people experienced the same event or person differently, and you do your best to leave the past where it is and continue toward the next horizon.

Sophie's Choice: The best muffin top

June 12, 2012

A column about maternity? From the lady that ovulates gravel? Yep. Maybe it’s because my uterus starts singing America the Beautiful every time I hear of a friend or acquaintance that has decided to enhance their family unit through adoption (kudos to the traditional fallopian pathway, but there are plenty of children all over the world that need a family to love).

House Calls: Questioning Cholesterol by Julie Crist, L. Ac.

June 6, 2012

I should probably preface everything I write with the follow¬ing:
“If you are eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and living the usual American sedentary lifestyle, then you are committing suicide, and the following information will not excuse you from the laws of biology.”
So, that said, there are two sides to every story, and medicine is no exception.

Sophie's Choice: Missed the eclipse? Just watch some pants

May 21, 2012

Across the country, the solar eclipse Sunday seemed to kindle an infectious enthusiasm for astronomy. So what does that have to do with pants? Please continue to be patient with me and read on.
I know that current fashion trends are slow coming to our corner of the world; it’s not as if Vogue has announced its decision to establish a satellite office in the Ville. Whatever counts as style in the mainstream clothes horse magazines, you can be sure it won’t catch on in Stevens County for another five to ten years, if at all.

Sophie's Choice: So, how was your week?

May 9, 2012

Whimsical moment alert:
Drove down 3rd Ave last Friday evening, noticing how dark clouds held sway to the north while the sun shone soft rays over Colville Valley and streamers of steam lazily unfurled over the trees.

Pride goeth before the smack down

April 17, 2012

S-E Staff Reporter

Ever have those moments where the rug is swept out from un¬der your righteous indignation and your snobbery gets body slammed into repentant sheepishness?
Maybe it’s just me. It’s certainly not Rush Limbaugh, but that’s beside this column’s point.
It’s not the first time my ego got its moral superiority on, and it probably won’t be the last. However, this particular case of which I am speaking is exceptional, because it nursed a bur¬geoning grudge that I carried with me for several months.

Truth is a ‘hidden gold’

April 17, 2012

Contributing Columnist

As a little girl, Sara witnesses first-hand the devasta¬tion of drug abuse. She watched as her parents self-medicated with an array of prescription drugs and alco¬hol. Her loving father, once a hard-working man, be¬came cruel and merciless when drunk. Her parents, teachers, and even family members “overlooked” the problems until he lost his job and their family home.

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