Attempted Kidnapping Claim Unfounded

A poster that circulated through social media this week claiming that a woman was trying to lure children with cotton candy in order to kidnap them in Deer Park and Colville turns out to be carrying false information, according to the Spokane COunty Sheriff's Office and the Colville Police Department. On Tuesday, August 26th, an adult female reported the attempted abduction of her 11-month-old daughter at an event in Deer Park. The complainant said on Monday afternoon, August 25th, she was at an event at Arcadia Elementary with her 11-month-old and 9-year-old daughters. The event was called “I Heart Deer Park” put on by local churches. It was an event where families could pick up school supplies open to the community. She said her 11-month-old was in her stroller behind her and her 9-year-old was in front of her. She said she was paying attention to her 9-year-old and when she looked back, she saw an adult female had unstrapped her 11-month-old and was holding her. The complainant said the female put her daughter back in the stroller. The complainant said she asked the female what she was doing and slapped her in the face. The complainant told deputies an unknown adult male stood between the two females to de-escalate the situation. The complainant said she looked forward to check on her daughter and when she turned back around, the adult female was nowhere to be seen. Spokane Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Detectives were able to identify the adult female, person of interest. After multiple interviews with the person of interest and the complainant, it was determined the attempted abduction was unfounded. There were no witnesses that came forward and no evidence confirming the person of interest even touched the 11-month-old. The case has been closed and the Deer Park community has absolutely no reason to believe this person of interest is a threat to the community.A poster that was being shared on Facebook showed a picture of the supposed suspect on the left with warnings that parents should monitor their children and that the woman had been spotted trying to take kids in Deer Park and Colville. When asked by the Statesman-Examiner about a similar situation taking place in Colville, Colville Police Cheif Bob Meshishnek said there had been no reports or kidnapping or suspicious persons luring children."If it happened in Colville and someone called it in, we would respond to it," Meshishnek said. "So it leads me to believe that it is most likely a Facebook rumor that got out of hand, because a parent or guardian would most likely contact the police if there was a stranger attempting to take their kid."