The Basement Boys call it quits

Wrestling club will disbandat the end of AugustThe Basement Boys program started in 1985 with coaches Denny Reddinger and Monty Jones. The program was called the Hermiston Offroad Stingers. The club wrestled all three styles and traveled throughout Washington and Oregon. In 1990, the club became the Basement Boys when Monty and Shelley Jones started traveling with their son, Dustin, Sean Riley and many others.This was the driving force to keep the club alive at the time. The basement at Monty and Shelley’s became too small to hold practice sessions because of all the kids who were participating in the program, so club practices were moved to the fairgrounds.From there, the club moved to various facilities and when they were unable to find a good place to stay, they stopped practicing. The club started back up again in 2004 when TJ Baun was five-years-old and he asked Monty if he could learn to wrestle freestyle so he could “beat the freestyle kid” that beat him at the end of his first Mat Rats season. Back to the Jones’ basement they went.From there, the USA Wrestling club grew again from about five to 67 wrestlers that wrestled Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco Roman over a 10-month season. The club has since been ranked top five in the state for seven years and has been a very good feeder program for the high school, helping them win numerous titles. The club has had multiple All-Americans (top eight in the nation) and has had wrestlers selected to wrestle for Team Washington at the National School Boy Duals. Additionally, the Basement Boys’ wrestlers have had numerous district, regional and state placers once they have journeyed into high school. In 2011, Monty and Shelley turned the club over to Tom and Lori Baun and Kris DePaulo to run.As of August 31, 2013, the Basement Boys Wrestling Club will conclude Its many years of hard work, commitment and success from both the wrestlers and the parents. The club has had a GREAT run!The club was originally designed and set up to be a three-style traveling club. Over the past few years, the commitment to participating in all three styles, practicing and traveling has declined dramatically. After numerous lengthy discussions, and looking at all options, it’s with heavy hearts that the board members and founders of the Basement Boys Wrestling Club made the decision to discontinue the program.There is a small group of wrestlers that plan to continue to participate in USA Wrestling and wrestle unattached. In an effort to get these young wrestlers to get themselves to the next level, it has become evident that they need to travel to surrounding wrestling club practices to find and have kids to practice with. They have committed to traveling twice a week to out of town practices, traveling to more out of state tournaments, and are committed to the entire three-style season.If you are interested in committing to all three styles of wrestling, traveling to various tournaments inside and outside of Washington state, and willing to participate in taking the kids to practices, please contact Tom Baun, Lori Baun or Kris DePaulo. We want to thank everyone in the community for all their support all these years. The program wouldn’t have been successful without all the support of local merchants. Two special merchants we would like to recognize are Booth & LaDuke Motors and Chris Cowbrough, who have consistently supported the Basement Boys program over the years.Last and most definitely not least, Tom, Lori and Kris would like to extend a special thank you to Monty and Shelley Jones for all their dedication and love for the sport of wrestling and for all of the wrestlers who learned from their wisdom throughout all those practices, tournaments and weekend after weekend of their time building the wrestling family we know and love today.In wrestling: Monty Jones, Shelley Jones, Tom Baun, Lori Baun and Kris DePaulo