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Former Colville police officer talks about alleged molestation

June 16, 2014

Editor’s note: Former Colville Police officer Scott Arms, accused of child rape for allegedly molesting the 12-year-old daughter of an acquaintance in a Wenatchee home in January, tells his “own story—in his own words” in this submission to the Statesman-Examiner. Arms, 43, has denied the girl’s allegations, made to a Chelan County Sheriff’s Office detective. Arms resigned from the Colville Police Department on April 30. His arrest came a few months after another former Colville police officer, Rex Newport, pleaded guilty to criminal charges of sexual misconduct while on duty.

First and foremost, I feel that I owe the citizens of Colville an explanation as well as my brothers and sisters behind the badge, to include our amazing dispatchers and the school district. Secondly, it should be known, contrary to recently posted flyers, there wasn’t any collaboration between me and Rex Newport before or throughout the course of this investigation, as some conspiracy theories may state. Nor did I flee the county during those matters. Most can state that I was still on the job without hindrance. Narrow-minded individuals who refuse to explain their minds attract bad Karma and I am truly embarrassed for them. Thirdly, my resignation and scheduled move back to my home town of Wenatchee was planned late last year and was due to occur this spring. That was accomplished. In no way was this connected to any allegation. I’ve had a relationship over here for nearly five years and it was simply time to merge families. Fourth, my significant other has two children, one of which is her daughter. As with many divorces, it has a tremendous affect on the children involved and the emotional trauma is at times unbearable. Her daughter had a difficult time accepting the separation of her parents, became volatile, and so the war began, as she would state, “This has destroyed my life.” From my law enforcement experience over the years, this is common behavior exhibited from children exposed to such matters and as unfortunate as it may be, it happens and it’s “normal.” Whatever normal is. To sum this up, a reasonable person may believe that a child could be agitated over the following circumstances: The divorce of her parents, which causes a child to be removed from a certain comfort zone. Her mother begins dating, which interferes with any chance of her parents reconciling. We bought a house together a couple of years ago. This, in her eyes, makes her parents’ separation more permanent. The agitation and escalation continues. More recently, we transition her to a smaller bedroom in order to make room for my boys. A nuclear explosion nearly occurred with that one. Last, the reality of my resignation and transition to Wenatchee. This caused the pot to boil over. Suddenly, there’s an allegation that I put a hand down her pants. One might think about that, as a few questions still remain. Why now? Why is it that such an act didn’t occur last year or the year before that? In conclusion, the choice is yours to believe as you wish without knowledge or facts. Hypocrisy can only go so far. Will I fight this in trial? I hope so, if finances hold. Will I win? God only knows. Will I take a lesser plea? Maybe. The state (CPS) and local government have sunk their claws so deep into me because of recent events within the police department that I may not have a chance in hell. A jury is easily swayed and tainted by public opinion, and with most humans, a person is often perceived to be guilty before proven innocent. I’m not providing excuses, nor am I trying to save face. The damage has been done. --Scott Arms

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