Laura Enquist

Laura Jean Rose Enquist was a vivacious, 14-year-old young lady who is now resting with Jesus after her canoe overturned in the Kettle River on Wednesday, May 25. She enjoyed canoeing the Kettle River with her family and friends all her life. Laura was born Nov. 15, 1996 in Colville. Early in her life, Laura’s aunt introduced her to horses, and she was hooked. At the age of six, Laura and her friends would snow ski down the mountain “whinnying” to urge others to move aside, lest they be trampled by a herd of skiing horses. Horses became her greatest love, and last year she adopted two. Laura was blessed with a natural way with horses, demonstrating the ability to train them at the age of 13. Laura was participating in 4-H and planning to show horses at the county fair for the first time. Owning her own horse ranch was her ultimate goal. Laura also found joy in her family, friends, classmates, and teachers at Colville Valley Junior Academy. Beginning early, Laura was a prankster; first by taking pens out of her father’s pockets as a baby, then by taking hats off of her friends’ heads at birthday parties and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. Laura had a confidence and strong will, which helped her to accomplish anything she set her mind to do. She was an avid reader, played the piano and bells, sang in choirs and groups, and built her own round corral. Recently, Laura had made the independent decision to be baptized, proclaiming her faith in Jesus and her promise to live her life to its fullest as a child of God. She was a member of the Orient Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship. Laura’s family and friends’ hearts will treasure her strength, her faith, and her zest for life. We love her and will miss her deeply. She is survived by her parents, George and Janice Enquist; her siblings, Holly Clark, Kettle Falls; Isaiah Enquist, Okinawa, Japan; Mike Enquist, Spokane; Joseph Enquist, Kettle Falls; her grandparents, Anne Davis and Irene Enquist, Kettle Falls; her nieces and nephew, Rebecca and Anthony Clark and Laila EnquistA memorial service will be held Saturday, June 25 at the Kettle Falls Seventh Day Adventist Church at 4 p.m.Visit Laura’s Memorial Website at