Scott Barnett Rogers

Scott Barnett Rogers passed away at his home in Gig Harbor on May 21, 2012. Scott was born Sept. 11, 1963 to Richard (Dick) and Beverly Rogers, who divorced shortly after. As a child, Scott spent much time with his dad’s family and his beloved grandma, Aunt Kay and Uncle Joe. He attended school in Port Orchard, Gig Harbor and finally, Colville. Scott was always a prankster and loved to make people laugh. He loved to tell stories and pull pranks on his siblings and cousins, something he never outgrew. At the time of his death, he was working as a supervisor for Peninsula Iron in Gig Harbor. In school, Scott worked as a graphic artist for the Colville National Forest Service, then went on to do silk screening for a well-known bumper sticker company called One Liners. He also did some small-time illustrations for a book, book covers for a large, international fast food chain, and tee shirt advertising. He won several awards for his work. He worked for six years in construction before opening his own wallpapering business called Roger’s Quality Wall Prep and Paperhanging. His artwork encompassed anything imaginable, from pencil sketches, wood burning, stained glass and window designs. Working on projects of Native American beauty was his favorite, from skull painting to life-sized 3D wall hangings. Scott had a few of his own business ventures, which include Original Works of Art by Scott Rogers, where his pieces were shown in galleries from Leavenworth to Bremerton. Every piece of artwork was handcrafted by Scott and unique unto itself. He opened Buggy’s Graphics for embroidery and stickers and Buggy’s Mobile Cont. Service for eight years. He also drove semi truck. His award-winning art spans painting, Native American art and custom motorcycle tanks. The biggest and most rewarding venture was the birth of his son, David “Buggy” Scott. He loved his son and would often say of him, “He is my best friend.” Buggy would say the same of his dad. Scott loved to indulge Buggy in his love of trains. He spent every minute he could with his son. Scott would take Buggy to places such as the airport to do his homework, which once turned into a free airplane ride from a pilot who was impressed Buggy’s absorption with his homework that the pilot thought he deserved a free ride over Puget Sound. Scott was a wonderful father and loved his son more than anything. Scott had many friends and was able to enjoy his favorite pastime with many of them, which was going for long rides on his Harley. The Fourth of July was his favorite holiday and was spent at his cousin Jay’s home with family, and always entailed a ”war” with Roman candles. It was there in his cousin’s field that he felt free and looked forward to this event every year. He loved to scuba dive and parachute from airplanes. Scott lived his life to the fullest. Last month he was in Lewiston, ID. for his grandmother’s 89th birthday and spent fun, quality time with his family there. Scott is survived by his adoring son David “Buggy” Saice, Buggy’s mother, confidant and friend, Raina Saice, both of Gig Harbor; his beloved grandmother Florence Adair, Lewiston, ID; loving step-mother Vickie Rodgers, Colville; sister Shauna Connelly (Doug) Colville; Shannon James, Colville; Taryn McNeil (Sandie) Kettle Falls; David Rogers, Portland, OR. ; Brandon Rogers, Colville; mother Beverly Orser, Spokane; sister Melissa and brother Lane; cousins Jay Hancock (Char), Randell; Nancy Wright (Dan), Randell; Allen Hancock (Gloria) Lewiston, ID; uncle Denny Adair (Melanie) Lewiston, Id. Wayne Hancock (Josey) Clarkston; Shane Adair, and numerous second cousins to whom he was more of an uncle than a cousin. He is also survived by many nieces, nephews and three great-nephews. Scott was preceded in death by his father, Richard Rogers, his loving aunt Nancy Kay Gordan and a cousin, Randy Adair. A family memorial will be held at a later date in Lewiston, ID.