Seniors look to city

Members of the Colville Community Senior Center (CCSC) attended last Tuesday’s city council meeting to request that the city set aside $500 a month for the new adult community center, The Hub. Construction on the center, which will be located on Wynne Street, is expected to start in 2012. In a letter written to Colville City Council and signed by CCSC board members, the organization asked that the city continue once more to set aside the previous rent money from the Draper Building of $500 a month that would go toward maintenance and utilities once the center is completed in August 2013. “We would tell you that it’s a safe estimation to say 80 percent of local businesses are in support of this center, and it’s something that everyone will eventually qualify for,” said CCSC member Larry Pember. “We feel it would be a good show of community support from the city to help The Hub.” There is currently no senior center in Colville. The Draper Building on Elm Street served as a meeting place for residents 50-years-old and over until 2007, when it was decided that it was inadequate for the current needs of CCSC members. “It would be appreciated if the foundation could rely on the help (from the city) in sustaining the new building,” wrote CCSC President Glenda Pittman. While council members seemed in support of a new senior center, it would be difficult to approve the request until the 2012 budget has been constructed.*Look for the complete story in the 8-3-2011 print edition of the S-E.