Tiger Triathlon has first female overall winner

For the first time in the history of the Tiger Triathlon, the race from the Little Pend Oreille Lakes to Colville High School and the Rotary Trail has a female overall winner. Spokane’s Haley Cooper-Scott was the overall winner of the 2011 Tiger Triathlon. The Spokane triathlete finished in an overall time of 1:47:40. The 31-year-old was second fastest on the 24-mile bike race from Gillette Lake to Colville High School (56:33) and the quickest on her swim to bicycle transition time (1:33). Among the triathletes entered, she was also fastest around the race’s final leg, the run around Dominion/Rotary Trail and the finish (33:48). Finishing second was Spokane triathlete Kevin Proszek (1:49:25). Fellow Spokane triathlete Jon Moen was third (1:51:12). Former Chewelah resident and veteran triathlete Martin Scates of Otis Orchards finished fifth overall (1:55:23). Chewelah’s David Cole finished eighth overall. The 50-year-old Cole finished in a time of 1:57:58. Colville teenager Dylan Schanz was the fastest out of the water at Gillette Lake (13:50) and finished 14th overall in a time of 2:03:45. Jeffrey Michaelson of Colville was 16th overall in a time of 2:05:23. McGrane is sixth among female finishers Among the women, Colville’s Caitlin McGrane finished sixth in a time of 2:20:31. In the team race, Moonfish, comprised of Colville’s Ned Fischer, Rob Morrison and Simeon Moons, easily won in a time of 1:47:14. The veteran crew of Three Old Guys (Jim Christian, Chris Loggers and Randy Stebbins) finished second (2:02:53). Finishing fifth in the team race was the Colville team of Linda Ray, Craig Newman and Kimberly Bell (2 Girls And A Guy). They finished in a time of 2:17:14. Fischer, a former standout cross country runner at CHS who now runs at Gonzaga, turned in the fastest run time of the day (29:58). Former Colville High baseball coach and current Rosalia athletic director, Terry Boxleitner, ran his first triathlon and finished 27th overall. The 49-year-old Boxleitner finished in 2:11:29. A lot of “Newbies’ to the Tiger Triathlon this year Kristina Johnson-Short, race coordinator and city of Colville Recreation Coordinator, was generally pleased with the way the triathlon was run. “We had a lot of first-time volunteers and I am new to all this,” Johnson-Short said on Monday. “There were a few glitches, but for the most part, it went well. “We had a lot of good comments from the triathletes. I feel very positive about that.” On the course, there was one mishap on the bicycle course down Highway 20, but no serious injuries. Johnson-Short said that the swim course was more precise in its measurement than it has ever been. The swim course around Gillette Lake was GPS’d prior to the race on Saturday morning. Ninety triathletes finished with times from official race timer, AA Sports Limited. RESULTS—TOP 50 1st, Haley Cooper-Scott, Spokane, 1:47:40. 2nd, Kevin Proszek, Spokane, 1:49:25. 3rd, Jon Moen, Spokane, 1:51:12. 4th, Kelly Geisheimer, Rossland, B.C., 1:52:03. 5th, Martin Scates, Otis Orchards, 1:55:23. 6th, Mike Konkin, Trail, B.C., 1:56. 7th, Al Pokorny, Spokane, 1:57:21. 8th, David Cole, Chewelah, 1:57:58. 9th, Thomas Woodley, Walla Walla, 1:59:15. 10th, Chris Hoch, Nine Mile Falls, 1:59:25. 11th, Brian Read, Spokane, 1:59:42. 12th, Darron Woolley, Spokane Valley, 1:59:46. 13th, Mike Lauffer, Spokane, 2:03:23. 14th, Dylan Schanz, Colville, 2:03:45. 15th, Dave Clark, Spokane, 2:04:31. 16th, Jeffrey Michaelson, Colville, 2:05:23. 17th, Larry Vandenburg, Spokane, 2:05:31. 18th, Jason Gillmer, Spokane, 2:06. 19th, Russ Lawrence, Spokane, 2:06:45. 20th, Francis Wynecoop, Chewelah, 2:07:59. 21st, Justin Heinen, Seattle, 2:08:01. 22nd, Brian Torosian, Spokane, 2:08:36. 23rd, Chip Johnson, Inchelium, 2:09:46. 24th, Ashley Hall, Moscow, Idaho, 2:10:20. 25th, Matt Ryan, Seattle, 2:10:24. 26th, Michael Martin, Coeur d’ Alene, 2:11:01. 27th, Terry Boxleitner, Oakesdale, 2:11:29. 28th, Jerry Hill, Spokane, 2:12:19. 29th, Geoff Tesarik, Spokane, 2:12:35. 30th, Jeff Miller, Colbert, 2:13:01. 31st, Todd Albert, Spokane Valley, 2:13:27. 32nd, Derek Duchesne, Spokane, 2:14:46. 33rd, Lisa Sunderman, Spokane, 2:15:33. 34th, Amy Mazur, Moscow, Idaho, 2:16:51. 35th, Steven Raab, Rocklin, CA, 2:17:25. 36th, Todd Chism, Nine Mile Falls, 2:18:37. 37th, Rob Nebergall, Spokane, 2:18:59. 38th, Tom Groesbeck, Spokane, 2:19:13. 39th, Kent Breckenridge, Loon Lake, 2:19:24. 40th, Ross Hilderman, Spokane, 2:19:27. 41st, Travis Hunt, Chewelah, 2:19:55. 42nd, Caitlin McGrane, Colville, 2:20:31. 43rd, Kevin Kirstein, Medical Lake, 2:22:11. 44th, Brian Mantz, Spokane, 2:22:52. 45th, Mark Johnson, Mead, 2:23:05. 46th, Jenny Ridgely, Spokane, 2:24:25. 47th, Kelley Hilderman, Spokane, 2:25:07. 48th, Donna Gentry, Liberty Lake, 2:25:37. 49th, Beth Martin, Coeur d’ Alene, 2:25:58. 50th, Todd Spear, Spokane, 2:26:31.