Reader Interaction

What summer event are you looking forward to the most?

Whether it's a county fair or a family weekend camping tradition, what event do you look most forward to this summer?

What is your favorite book?

The Libraries of Stevens County has kicked-off their summer reading program. Recommend your favorite book for curious minds to pick up!

How Stevens County addresses animal abuse

Do you believe Stevens County does enough to address/prevent cases of animal abuse. If not, what do you believe the county could do differently?

Stories of mom

In honor of Mother's Day, share stories about your mom with the Statesman-Examiner. Does she have a routine to make you feel better when you're sick? Did you have a crazy adventure while on vacation? Do you take day trips to Spokane to go shopping? Tell us about your mom!

Paranormal Day is May 3 -- Do you believe?

Every year on May 3 people who believe in paranormal activities are encouraged to share their experiences with one another. Non-believers can discuss their favorite movies, documentaries and science-fiction books that specialize in the genre. Do you have a story or a favorite movie to share?

What do you like to read in your S-E?

The Statesman-Examiner is going through a transitional phase. Our staff would love to hear from readers on what types of stories they'd like to see more of. Are you an avid sports fan? Or would you like to see more feature stories? Let us know! (please leave a comment below)

Got flooding?

With spring comes flooding and potholes. Do you have a sinkhole in your backyard? A driveway that looks like a war zone? A new basement swimming pool? Share your experiences and photos if you have them! After all, misery loves company.

How does the closure of the Kettle Falls Marina affect you?

The National Park Service (NPS) announced on Feb. 6 that the Kettle Falls Marina will close April 30. This decision will shut down Lake Roosevelt Vacations, which Edward and Carol Wimberly have owned and operated for over 29 years as concessioners of the marina.

How does the closure of the Kettle Falls Marina affect you?

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Parking in parks

Do you believe people should be allowed to park in city parks for events? This could be for events like Colville's Rendezvous Days, Chewelah's Chataqua, Kettle Falls' Blues Festival or Marcus' Cider Fest. Does it depend on the event and for how long, or does it not matter because it shouldn't be allowed?

President Donald Trump - 11th Day

It's been 11 days since President Donald Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20. Since taking office, President Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the TTP, blocked Syrian refugees, is working on approving the North Dakota Access Pipeline and is working on building the Mexican/U.S. boarder wall, among other endeavors.

Do you believe President Donald Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises? Do you believe he is handling his promises with success?