2016 Tootsie Roll fundraiser

The Colville Chapter of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charitable organization, will hold its Tootsie Roll Program Oct. 7-8.

Lake Roosevelt’s People First of Colville will receive 80 percent of the proceeds and 20 percent will go to Special Olympics of Washington.

People First provides outreach to people with disabilities.

Knights of Columbus and People First volunteers will be giving away Tootsie Rolls in exchange for donations in front of the Super 1 and Walmart stores in Colville.

The Tootsie Roll Program was instituted nationally in 1972 and started in the State of Washington in 2011. This program generates over $100,000 annually.

“The Colville community has been very supportive of this endeavor for the past five years,” said Michael Gray, Knights of Columbus member of the Colville chapter. “And People First of Colville has been very appreciative to those who have contributed to their organization.”