Age is nothing but a number

Looking at Joe and June Machala, one might be tempted to make assumptions. The first could be that they are much younger than their actual years and the second that they have been fitness buffs their whole lives. After all, when the couple is not enjoying fishing on Lake Roosevelt or looking after their home in Kettle Falls, they work out six days a week and run races and marathons all over the country. Both finished first in their respective age categories in the annual Bloomsday run for the masses earlier this month in Spokane. As it turns out, Joe didn’t take up running until age 44. When June saw that her husband was serious about getting in shape, June followed suit at the age of 55. They are now both 70 and 81, respectively, and still going strong. “Practice, practice, practice,” says Joe of their technique for distance running. He finished Bloomsday in 53 minutes this years and June finished in 114 minutes. June holds several United States records for 5ks in her age group. *Read the complete story in the 5-23-2012 edition of the S-E!