Alleged harrasment victim’s lawyer responds to prosecutor

Katie Leithead
S-E Staff Reporter

The lawyer of former Stevens County deputy prosecutor Saundra Richartz responded to County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen’s rebuttle of Richartz’s claim of harassment.
In response, on behalf of Richartz, her lawyer Rod Stephens replied with this:

“My client has reviewed the statement prepared by Mr. Rasmussen as well as the public statements recently made by Mr. Rasmussen. Ms. Richartz will not lower herself to his level and, unlike others who have attacked him and questioned his integrity and the veracity of his past statements, my client is not interested in leveling personal attacks against Mr. Rasmussen. Whether Mr. Rasmussen has what it takes to serve as the county’s prosecutor is a decision best left to the hard-working people of Stevens County.

“This claim would not have been brought had Mr. Rasmussen conducted himself appropriately. As is clear from the claim filed with Stevens County, Mr. Rasmussen’s actions placed Stevens County at risk. He will be held accountable in a court of law for his actions against Ms. Richartz and other women who have had to endure his treatment over the years. We hope that this case sends the message that women in the workplace deserve to have an equal playing field, nothing more nothing less. As the father of a daughter, I join other fathers who are willing to stand for their daughter’s right to be treated fairly and judged on their qualifications, not their gender.”

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