Animal prints for a good cause

S-E Staff Reporter

Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary (CVAS) was recently gifted a handful of animal posters and framed prints from Bill and Kathryn Kemp, owners of Picture Peddler.

Picture Peddler manufactures and distributes framed art to cities all over the U.S. Their factory is located in Elk, approximately 30 miles north of Spokane.

These pictures are now on display and for sale at Saundra’s Furniture in Colville. All sales, which must be paid in cash or by check, go directly to CVAS.

“They’re great gifts supporting a good cause,” said Genevieve Wilma-Young, adding that Saundra’s Furniture and Design is featuring the prints as a way to help this local cause.

The donation wasn’t a random act of kindness. Like many others, the Kemp’s received help from CVAS.

At the end of last May, a house fire in Elk took the life of one of the owners and destroyed the only shelter for a large cat colony.

A neighbor, who was familiar with the homeowners and the cats, eventually checked the property. When she discovered that there were still cats there, she began feeding them.

The Kemp family were also neighbors, and soon Kathryn was joining in and taking shifts with other volunteers to provide food and water to the surviving members of the colony.

Kathryn said at first only four brave ones appeared for meals, but each day brought a few more. Eventually, everyone taking care of the cats were able to count 19. They identified six kittens.

“We began to call every pet organization we could think of, including pet stores and veterinarians,” Kathryn said.

No one was willing to help, except for CVAS.

According to Lorraine Schanzenbach, CVAS volunteer for the last eight years, the property the cats lived on was about to be cleared off and sold.

“I was out there many times, it was pretty awful,” recalled Schanzenbach.

If CVAS refused to respond, the dire situation for the cats would have become worst.

“We kicked it into gear and started trapping cats and bringing them back to the shelter,” Schanzenbach said. “Most of them had never been handled before — fed, but never spayed or neutered, vaccinated or socialized.”

Many CVAS volunteers helped in the recovery and care of the Elk cats. Almost all of the cats had to be shaved because their fur was matted. They were also given antibiotics for respiratory symptoms, all necessary vaccines and were spayed or neutered.

Kathryn and Bill fell in love with one of the rescued cats and adopted him.

After the rescue, Angel Eyes spent four months in intensive care, which included many visits to the vet.

Schanzenbach acted as a foster home for him in the beginning because he needed constant care.

Schanzenbach said Angel “climbed out of the bottom of the pit” health-wise.

“Kathryn especially fell in love with him because he was in the worst condition,” said Schanzenbach, adding that Kathryn named him for his eyes being “perfect like an angel.”

Now Angel has a wonderful life at his forever home with the Kemp family and their other rescued cat, Geno.

“He has a lovely life you’d never think these Elk kitties would have,” Schanzenbach noted.

Many of the Elk cats still reside at CVAS.

Bill and Kathryn never forgot the kindness they received, and donated these animal prints to help the financial burden CVAS currently faces.

Prices of the prints vary, with small posters starting as low as $3. Anyone wishing to pay more than the asking price as a donation to CVAS can.