Anti-levy vandal(s) tag Panorama Alternative

An Anti-levy vandal, or vandals, made their thoughts on the upcoming Maintenance and Operations levy for the Colville School District known when they spray painted the front of the Panorama Alternative School building Wednesday morning. The building is adjacent to the Colville School District office, located at 225 S. Hofstetter, where Colville School District Superintendent Michael Cashion and several other district employees work. The graffiti was written in black spray paint that read, "Vote no on the levy Cashion is a liar."The school district's $2,690,000 levy, which is scheduled to be voted on in February, has been controversial. It is estimated to cost $2.77 per thousand dollars of assessed value on each home in property taxes. The levy funding makes up about 20 percent (including levy equalization) of the district’s general fund budgeted revenues.According to Cashion, the vandalism is thought to have occurred between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. There are no security cameras at the Panorama Alternative School. There are no leads as to who might have committed the act and if it was more than one person. Cashion estimated that it would cost "a couple hundred dollars" to clean up the damage. "I can't emphasize enough that if people have questions about the levy, or are opposed to it, comes and talk to me, or one of the school board members, or one of the many staff that works for the district," said Cashion. "But don't debase one of the buildings where our students go to school. That's just ignorant and cowardly."Ninety students attend school at Panorama Alternative. The building suffered vandalism two years ago when an outside light hanging over a door was shot out two years ago. No suspects were found in that case.