Around the Ville:A tip of the cap to some folks that need to be acknowledged

By Chris Cowbrough, PublisherI want to thank everyone responsible for the sun-baked Mayor’s Scramble Golf Tournament last Friday afternoon that benefited the Colville Chamber of Commerce. The weather was pretty much Chamber of Commerce perfect and so was the golf. Thanks Jimmy (Sparky), Uncle Scotty, Uncle Timmy and Wedge-A-Matic for a copacetic afternoon on the Dominion Meadows links. A tip of the golf cap to Greg and his faithful crew of volunteers for once again this spring transforming Dominion Meadows into a well-conditioned public golf course that is a delight to play. It’s tough to find greens from Spokane to the Kootenay country of British Columbia that are in as good a shape. What was the Stimpmeter on those things last Friday anyway? I left the post-golf festivities early (the family four-legged types were home alone) and as the only allegedly responsible adult around the household last Friday night, the Blue Buffalo was calling my name. Yes, a good time was had by all. The adult beverage dispensers were perfect and I won’t have to hang another commemorative shirt in my closet. Some tournament players probably had too good a time, but we won’t go there. How much fun is too much, anyway? I did hear that somebody rolled a golf cart and it might have caught fire. Maybe I’m getting the cart before the fire here, but did the cart roll and then catch fire, or did the cart catch fire and then roll. Sounds like somebody was on a roll or playing a role--or maybe it was just tuck and roll-- if that indeed actually happened. Several people were anointed and otherwise acknowledged at the Chamber Banquet following the golf. Among them was outgoing Chamber President James Steen. One of his major accomplishments was helping to get Chamber moved to a more visible, viable and usable location. Spacious digs in the Southtown Plaza serves Chamber well. The suite is nicely appointed and even has a couch that looks to be suitable for overnight accommodations (there is even a shower). Thanks, James, for your leadership and direction the last year. And welcome aboard, your Excellency, incoming Chamber President, Zach “Do-It” Ross. Also acknowledged during a busy evening at the Colville Elks Lodge was Valeria Tell. She has served on the Chamber Board for the last three years. “We appreciate her hard work…she is always cheerful and ready to lend a hand to any project,” Chamber Manager Tricia Woods said of Tell. Volunteers of the Year are Karen and Ron “The Original Santa” McQuarrie. Ron has served Chamber for several years as its “Official” Santa Claus for the Chamber Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and for photo ops with Santa on the Saturday before Christmas. Ron doesn’t just look like Santa with that white beard—he is Santa. He’s in character 365 days a year. “Ron is a great Santa,” Woods said. “He learned that practicing with his grandchildren…we appreciate your efforts very much, Ron.” Ron’s wife Karen volunteers in the Chamber office and has worked for several years for the Statesman-Examiner as the best typesetter I have ever had the pleasure of working with. No, it’s never a bad thing to be fast and accurate. “Karen is one of the best volunteers the Chamber office has ever had,” Woods said of the best typesetter the SE editor has ever worked with. “She has great enthusiasm for working with visitors and residents alike. Karen has come in on short notice and has been a great representative for our community.” Volunteers of the Year honors couldn’t have gone to finer, more community-minded and dedicated people. Business of the Year honoree went to Lori Matlock and the Northeast Washington Fairgrounds. Lori, who manages all the activities in all the fairgrounds’ buildings (including the Ag. Trade Center) and venues, is simply tireless. The woman is a serious worker who goes the extra mile or two…or three…to make sure the fairgrounds and her community are all they can be. The woman is a dynamo…hello, Commissioners. Get the woman a raise. “The fairgrounds are a big reason the motels in Colville are full on rodeo weekend, Fair weekend and during numerous other events that are held there,” Chamber Manager Woods said. “The fairgrounds’ also provides the space for other organizations like the upcoming District Rotary meeting and the Chili Cook-off. Those will bring folks to town who will spend money with our local businesses. “And we’d especially like to thank Lori, who always goes the extra mile to help the non-profits in Colville hold fund-raisers and events to benefit our community. She makes all those schedules work, even when there are several events (scheduled) during a particular week. We appreciate her dedication to the Colville community very much.” Thanks, Lori, for all you do. And if anybody would like to donate to the Fourth of July fireworks fund, Lori is the lady to contact.