ATV club joins Ferry County road cleanup

Special to the Statesman-Examiner

A group of trail users and county officials joined forces May 11 to clean up 3.5 miles along West Curlew Lake Road open to off-road vehicle use.
Ferry County Trail and Motorized Recreation and Golden Tiger Pathway Administration committees' members, county commissioners, Solid Waste Management officials and Tri-County Motorized Recreation Association volunteers participated in the effort.
The variable speed limit road allows OHV users to ride to Curlew from Republic, greatly enhancing local recreation and tourism, officials said, noting eight OHVs were used in the cleanup.
Leane Hawley of Ferry County Solid Waste Department organized the litter clean-up program using grant moneys to purchase trash bags and provide roadside safety signs and escorts.
"Many thanks to all the volunteers who used their personal OHVs to drive the route and collected enough litter to completely fill the back of a Ford pickup truck," Association Vice President Stan Christie said. "And, thanks to Ferry County for their efforts to assist in organizing and managing the litter clean-up effort at no cost to the taxpayers."