Backyard BBQ: they don’t sleep so you can eat

Liv Stecker | Statesman-Examiner
Liv Stecker
Special to the S-E

Stephen Hawse has the coolest smoker in town, and in the promised land of redneck barbecue champions, that’s saying a lot. With some “up-cycled” propane tanks from Northern Energy, and the expert help from Foust Fabrication located just south of Colville, Hawse finds himself at the helm of a four-door smoker that spans several yards of the parking lot at the new location of Backyard BBQ at 125 E 3rd Street in Kettle Falls.

In 2017, Hawse and his partner Vernita Wright opened Backyard BBQ on Meyers Street in Kettle, in the building that used to house Rios Tacos. It wasn’t long before both the two door smoker and the small building were overwhelmed with the local demand for Hawse’s self-styled slow-smoked brisket.

After eight months, it was clear that they had to make a move to someplace with more elbow room. Taking a big leap, they purchased the long-empty location that used to be KC’s Bar and Grill. After finishing major renovations, Backyard BBQ reopened on May 1. They sold out of food five times in the first two weeks of operations.

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