Bill moving primary election to March awaits Inslee's signature

Roger Harnack

In a move to make Washington state more relevant in presidential elections, the state House of Representatives approved a measure that would move the primary election to March.
The move in the Democrat-controlled House comes only three days after Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee announced his candidacy for president.
The House voted 54-42 to approve Senate Bill 5273, which would change the state Presidential Primary from May to March. The bill previously passed the Senate on a 29-18 vote.
Having cleared both the House and Senate, the bill now moves to Gov. Inslee's desk; he is expected to sign it into law.
Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman supports the move.
“After years of urging our Legislature to move Washington’s Presidential Primary to an earlier date, it’s immensely gratifying to see the Legislature support this bill and bring it closer to becoming law,” Wyman said Tuesday. “Moving Washington’s primary earlier in the national process will give our voters a greater voice and draw more attention to our state’s concerns and issues.”
While the primary election will take place two months earlier each presidential cycle, voters will still be required to declare a party to participate.