Blue Moose Lodging sees new family-shared ownership

Taylor Newquist
Sports Editor

Things have been heating up at Tri-County Stove and Spa the past month, which is typical as winter rapidly approaches.

Energy was high last Thursday, with phone lines jumping and workers buzzing from place to place with last weekend's cold front brewing. If all that wasn't enough, owners Tammy and Jim Davis, along with their daughter, Sara, and her husband, Jesse Brown, have added more to their plate with the purchase of Blue Moose Lodging just north of Kettle Falls.

The family group of equal-share partners closed the deal on Oct. 6, and are already booked through November with limited vacancy in December. Hunters flocked to stay at the three-cabin lodge as soon as the doors were open.

“Just taking over the website, the Facebook and all of the phone calls has been a little intense,” Sara said. “I didn't realize all of the phone calls I would be getting and I didn't realize our first month of ownership was going to be during hunting season. It's not unusual for me to get six calls a night asking for a room, which we just don't have available, but it's a wonderful problem to have.”

Brown spends most of her time as a touring artist, as the frontman for the local folk/blues collective, the Sara Brown Band. She was looking into purchasing a rental to turn into an Air B&B when she found the reduced price for the Blue Moose Lodge. With current COVID-19 regulations in Washington, it has been harder for her to make money touring and the band has had to travel outside of the state to perform.

“We saw potential income streams, we made an offer and they accepted it,” Tammy said. “Sara did all the painting and I did all the licensing. We're just tickled pink at the response we've had.”

The three cabins are priced at $95 a night for two people with an additional $15 a night for two more additional guests. Availability is limited, but can be found by calling 509-690-7228 or emailing Each comes with a bedroom, full kitchen, bathroom and satellite TV, which was just installed last week.

Sara and Tammy said that the cabins are more modern than they are rustic and one of their goals is to keep that feel. Each cabin was redecorated to fit one of three themes: Sasquatch, moose and bear. As soon as next year, they hope to have a place for dry RV and hope to eventually have regular RV hookup, and potentially build another cabin.

“When we saw how nice and clean it was we just saw potential,” Tammy said. “We didn't realize there was such a need for people to stay in this area, we've had people from Seattle and even California already this month.”

There's no question that the Brown and Davis families will have plenty to stay busy with this winter. Their favorite part about that is being able to work together.

“Our family is really close, so we love to work with each other on business,” Sara said. “We've always been able to communicate well with each other and we love spending time together.”

Tammy agreed and said the key is being able to compromise.

“We've done so much together for me the only thing that is different is [Sara] has a little bit different taste than I do,” She said. “I would have put a lot of hunting type stuff in the lodge, but she's more into the artwork of it, because that's her taste and I'm just like, 'Okay this is her baby, I'm going to run with that.' We have some give and take but it's great.”

Both agree the biggest draw of the lodge is the beautiful view of the Columbia River. For more info, visit