Born to love gymnastics

Courtesy Christine Moss Courtesy Christine Moss
Katie Leithead
Staff Writer

For Kinzie Moss gymnastics is in her blood. She was born into a family of gymnasts thanks to her mother’s influence.

Christine Moss started all four of her children young, Kinzie being no exception, and owns and operates Colville KIPS Gymnastics.
In the beginning, Kinzie said she was off in her own world, enjoying the sport for what it was and not getting competitive.

The first time she competed, at the age of six, she fell off the beam multiple times but still considered it her best event.
“As I got older I started to understand competitiveness because my sister was super focused and driven,” Kinzie said.

Gymnastics become her life as she moved up through the ranks. As a senior Kettle Falls High School student, who is taking all Running State classes at the local Spokane Community College, Kinzie has had to live and breathe gymnastics to stay on the top of her game.

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