Brown Boyz Island BBQ catches fire

Emergency responders were called to a structure fire at Brown Boyz Island BBQ in Colville last Saturday afternoon. Colville Fire Chief Joe Hirsch said the fire started around 3 p.m. The Colville Volunteer Fire Department responded with nine firefighters, two fire engines, a ladder truck and one support vehicle. Hirsch said there were three employees inside the restau¬rant at the time of the fire, but everyone made it out safely and no injuries were re¬ported. “We got it (the fire) knocked out pretty quick, but the roof was fully engulfed when we arrived,” said Hirsch. “Unfor¬tunately, the building is a to¬tal loss.” The cause remains under in¬vestigation. Hirsch added that a certified fire investiga¬tor inspected the building on Monday in order to determine how the fire started. Kimo and Nicole Morrison are the owners of Brown Boyz, located on Lincoln Street. Local businessman and realtor Ron Matney owns the building. Both Morrison and Matney have insurance. Morrison said Monday morning that though it was still unofficial, he thinks an air conditioning unit in the building’s wall accidentally triggered the fire. He added that Brown Boyz Island BBQ will sell food at area events, like Rendezvous Days, Chataqua Days, and the Northeast Washington Fair, to name a few. Eventually, Brown Boyz will either be rebuilt or move to a new location within Colville. Morrison said he had just finished helping with a fundraiser for Saundra’s Furniture Saturday afternoon and had just arrived at another one at the Colville Elk’s Lodge when he got the call that his business was on fire. Despite the loss, Morrison said a greater tragedy that occurred over the weekend weighed much more heavily on his mind. The father of one of the wrestlers that Morrison coaches for Mat Rats was killed in a car crash on Orin-Rice Road late Saturday night or early Sunday morning (see story in this week’s newspaper). “By Sunday, I wasn’t really thinking about the fire,” says Morrison. “My heart and concern is with my wrestling family. A building can be replaced and a business can start again, but you can’t get your loved ones back. Compared to that, my loss seems miniscule.” Brown Boyz is the fourth Colville business to experience a fire in the past six months. Tiger Trucking and Davis Auto were heavily damaged by fire within hours of each other in January. The Davis Auto fire was sus¬pected to be arson because tools were also stolen from the garage. Saundra’s Furniture and Flooring on Colville’s Main Street was razed by fire in February. In¬vestigators were unable to determine the cause of that fire, though it was agreed by fire investigators and law en¬forcement that is was most likely not arson.