Burned business a total loss after fire

Katie Leithead | Statesman-Examiner
Katie Leithead
S-E Staff Reporter

Every day business owner Dean Powell sifts through ash and debris looking to salvage anything from the remains of the fire that temporarily stole his livelihood.

Powell had been the owner of Powell's Welding, LLC, located at 410 Larch Street, Kettle Falls for almost two years. While the business was his, he had been renting the building from Howard Kaiser. What didn’t burn up in the fire was made brittle and useless. A few crowbars here, some metal there, and possibly a furnace were nearly all that was left useable.

Some of Powell’s high temp metals were located, only their unique properties were ruined from the heat of the fire. As they are, Powell said they won’t be useful.
A truck that had been in for repairs was completely lost.

Several of the vehicles parked beside the shop were also victims of the fire. Included in the loss was Powell’s personal boat, a motor home and a car. Unlike the boat, the car’s gas tank didn’t explode, but its backend was completely melted. Powell said it was a complete loss, not something he planned on trying to fix.

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