Callen: County Prosecutor’s advice may have led to $2.5 million lawsuit against county

Mel Anderson
S-E Staff Reporter

Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen has answered a complaint against his license to practice law in Washington.

Kathy Callen, the Stevens County Veteran’s Court coordinator, filed the complaint against Rasmussen on January 12. In the complaint, Callen says that Rasmussen spoke with Rachel Benjamin without her attorney present and without her attorney’s permission.

Rasmussen admits that he spoke privately with Benjamin without her attorney present and also admits that he spoke with Benjamin about her sexual harassment complaint against Stevens County. Benjamin, who is now suing the county for $2.5 million, was allegedly the victim of sexual harassment during her court-mandated work crew assignment following a third DUI conviction. Rasmussen admits he advised Benjamin to preserve evidence, but, according to Callen, that may not be all he advised her to do.

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*Edited online 2/28/18 for clarity.