Carrying of the Cross on Good Friday

Two Colville Pastors, along with Ministerial and Lay people, will carry a large, life sized wooden cross through the streets of downtown Colville as a public witness of what happened on Good Friday.

Dave McCue, Colville Community Church, and Pastor Jim CastroLang, First Congregational UCC, invite all followers of Jesus to join then on Good Friday, April 14 at 4:30 p.m.

“Easter does not happen without Good Friday, and the meaning of Easter for us loses much of its power without the understanding that Jesus carried his Cross and suffered for us on his way to the lasting joy that Easter brings” said Pastor CastroLang.

This solemn “Carry the Cross of Jesus” event will begin in the parking lot of Colville Community Church (930 S Elm Street—just off of Hawthorne) at 4:45 pm on Good Friday.

The Pastors will walk in procession led by a life-sized cross through Colville, stopping a few times to pray and reflect on the meaning of what Jesus did for our lives today.

The walk will end back at the Colville Community Church. People are also invited to attend a Good Friday Worship in the church Sanctuary at 6 p.m. featuring meditation on the “Stations of The Cross.”

For further information, contact Rev. Jim CastroLang, (509) 998-7203 or