Chewelah Arts Guild’s Guinness World Record Attempt

Staff Writer

The Chewelah Arts’ Guild needs the public’s help to “Light Up The Park” on Oct. 24 with carved Jack O’ Lanterns.
To count toward Chewelah Arts Guild’s Guinness World Record attempt of 2,015 pumpkins, the Jack O’ Lanterns need to have carved mouths, noses, eyes and yes, even eyebrows.
If that criteria isn’t met, the pumpkins won’t be counted toward the record.
For the local world record attempt, the four aforementioned features (mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows) of each pumpkin will be photographed in the long line-up, per Guinness requirements.

More detailed information on events, activities, pumpkin carving stations and refrigerated storage opportunities for the pumpkins prior to Oct. 24 will follow in the next few weeks.