Chewelah water system back on the job

Staff Report
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At 10 a.m. on July 18, Chewlah City’s water pump became operational again. New electronics and a starter were installed to bring the well to full capacity. According to the city website, residents can start irrigating at normal levels.
The city has ordered parts for the second pump so it can be upgraded. They hope to have the final design for an additional pump house and well in the near future. This will prevent a repeat of this catastrophic breakdown.
The city water may appear dirty for a short time due to the additional flow through the water mains are but it is not expected to last very long. The reddish brown water is not harmful, but considered a nuisance; it is caused by manganese settling out after chlorination. The city flushes the water mains regularly to reduce the nuisance, but water leaks or flow changes can cause the water to appear dirty. Officials comment that it will pass soon.