Citizens march for Constitution Day

Aaron Andrews

A group of citizens marched flags around the courthouse in honor of the Washington and United States Constitutions, midday on Sept. 17.
The march celebrating Constitution Day started at Coffee & Books. Marchers included Rick Johnson, Vietnam Veteran Hugh Fleet, Madelaine Fleet (Hugh’s wife), Lisa Shinn-White and a random person who happened to be in the coffee shop when they left. The flag bearers marched down main street crossing at the eagle, then down Astor street and all the way around the courthouse.
Flags born by the marchers included the “Betsy Ross flag” (the first American Flag standard), the Washington Cruisers Flag (the first flag of the defact U.S. Navy in 1775), and the Christian Flag (to symbolize how the nation's founding was grounded in Biblical standards).
Veteran Hugh Fleet is a flag scholar. He bore a special U.S. flag with 15 stripes and 15 stars — a design that dates back to the War of 1812. Fleet sells flags and gives lectures on U.S. flag history. Check out his website at
Lisa Shinn-White sells books about the founding fathers and Christian influence on the American political system in her coffee shop. In honor of Consitution Week, she is offering a discount on books that document the founding of the United States. She recommends The Founders’ Bible by historian David Barton.
It’s not too late to celebrate the documents that protect the rights of Washingtonians and Americans everywhere. There will be another flag march today. Call Coffee & Books at (509) 684-3512 for more information.

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