City of Kettle Falls watching where it walks

The Kettle Falls City Council recently accepted a bid to help the city move forward with its efforts to install more sidewalks in and around the municipality as part of a revitalization project.The $208,781 bid from Bauman Brothers was accepted at the Sept. 6 meeting for the two block sidewalk project that will create sidewalk and storm-water drainage from Juniper to Meyer Street.Project Manager Dave Keeley said the sidewalk project is slated to begin in mid-September and is part of the city’s revitalization efforts that began in 2006. So far, the city has completed sidewalks along the south lane of traffic on Highway 395 that goes through town, as well as the establishment of the Kettle Falls Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center building.Keeley said the current sidewalk project was funded through a combination of state grants and city money, including a $192,945 state Transportation Improvement grant, a $30,000 state Transportation Enhancement grant, $70,545 in state tax revenue. The city also committed to spend $10,155 on the project.It is anticipated that the project will be completed in 30 to 40 days. When funding is secured, the next section of sidewalk to be completed as part of the revitalization project is from Meyers Street to the east city limits