Clinic fills helath care gap for uninsured, underserved

RaeLynn Ricarte
Staff Writer

COLVILLE — People without health coverage, or who have a high deductible insurance plan, will soon be able visit a primary care provider at an affordable cost.
The Heartland Medicine Colville Clinic, 250 S. Main St., will also serve people who need immediate attention for an injury or illness so they can avoid an expensive emergency room visit. Dr. Barry Bacon and his wife, Shelley, decided to open the clinic out of their passion for social justice that is fueled by a strong Christian faith.
They take to heart the Biblical admonition from Jesus, “Whatever you do to the least of mine, you have done to me.”
The clinic has been set up as a low-profit limited liability company so that proceeds can be used to support charitable organizations.
“My vision is to expand primary care for the community, particularly for those who struggle to get in to see a doctor,” said Dr. Bacon.
“We also want to create a means of supporting the community projects that matter to us through the corporation's profit.”