Colville Cross Country Practice Takes Off Running

Dean Fische

The Midnight Mile is coming.
Once again the Colville High School Cross Country Team will begin its season under the Colville stadium lights at the stroke of midnight.
This year Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) sets August 20 as the beginning date for most fall sports in the state.  The Colville Cross Country Team will begin its season without delay to take advantage of as many days of training as possible. 
So, at a few minutes before midnight on Sunday, August 19, the girls’ and boys’ teams will gather to run the first mile of the 2018 cross country season in the first minutes of August 20. The girls bring back their entire 2017 1A State Champion team minus one runner. The girls have run hundreds of miles over the summer in preparation for this upcoming season and are expecting good things to happen.
The boys’ team finished in the middle of league competition last year. The boys are looking to improve their standings by pushing the envelope of workouts, efforts and determination. A large group of incoming freshmen recruited from the burgeoning Middle School program will help fill the ranks.
Regular Cross Country practices will begin on Monday, August 20. During the first week, August 20 - August 25, practices will be held every morning at 8 am at the Colville High School Track area.
Registration and further information can be attained at or by visiting or calling Colville High School at 684-7800 or by calling Head Cross Country Coach Dean Fischer at 684-4605 or Assistant Leah Heideman at 680-7670.