Colville launches survey for Vision 20/20 plan

S-E Staff Reporter

Colville City Council recently released a survey asking for the community’s opinion on the current state of the city and what areas need improvement.

The questionnaire asks for overall priorities for the city, whether or not residents believe the city is a safe place to live, whether or not the city should invest in the downtown corridor and other similar inquiries.

The survey can be found online at, or a paper copy can be picked up at Colville City Hall.

Results from this survey will be taken into consideration as the city develops Colville’s strategic plan, Vision 20/20. Results will help clarify city priorities and guide strategic decisions, investments and actions.

The plan’s namesake is derived from eyesight. Vision that’s 20-20 is clear and focused. A city strategy, likewise, should be unobstructed, well-defined and distinct.

Surveys need to be completed, and returned in the case of paper surveys, by Jan. 31.