Colville residents turn home into spooky spotlight of the town

RaeLynn Ricarte

Monty and Shelley Jones make an art form out of being nightmare neighbors, but their efforts are not only applauded — nearby residents help them fill their yard with headstones and other ghoulish décor.
“It's an addiction,” said Shelley of the family's creepy Halloween themes.
This year, the Joneses are adding a “Creepy Clown” tunnel to the display they will spend the next week getting together.
They have also found places at their 1137 Southeast Park Drive home for the lifelike animated figure of Michael Myers the slasher. Also new to the collection is a red-eyed ghost child on a rocking horse who hums a haunting melody, and a demon outlaw biker on a Harley that Monty picked out because he resembles Steve Boggs, a family friend.
Trick-or-treaters will have to run the gauntlet to get to the front door, with a new and rare “tapper” behind window glass in a breezeway, and a ghost child scaling the wall.
“The scarier the better,” said Shelley of the decorations. “If the kids run away screaming, we've done our job.”
Hot dogs are also available for friends and family who drop by to check out the horror show.
“It's kind of a reunion every year,” said Shelley.
Their yard is already filled with the walking dead and other atrocities, but the big push won't come until the weekend before Halloween when everything but the animated figures that can't sit out in the weather will find a place.
“We do something different every year, but we don't use everything that we have,” said Shelley.
Monty said people coming to see the exhibit should be aware that not all of the figures are fake, and not all of the people in the graveyard are dead.

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