Colville Trap Team earns big accolades

The weekend of April 20th was a huge success for the Colville FFA Trap team.Colville FFA Trap earned number one champion status out of 20 schools shooting 276 out of 300 targets. n Mikalin Thompson took First place female in the state with 91 out of 100 targets. Kashmir Howes shot third in state with 89 out of 100 targets. Aiden Huggins earned third place overall male and Jonas Mebes shot well, earning fifth overall male.The night of April 19th is a time for the kids to get out some jitters and shoot in a series of “games." Kashmir Howes shot number one overall in the game titled Chipper.Colton Vining took 1st place in the game Buddy.Jonas Mebes took 2nd place in Buddy and 2nd in the game Miss and Out.