Colville tribal member sentenced in U.S. District Court

Roger Harnack

A Colville tribal member was sentenced today for assault on a federal officer resulting in bodily injury.
Brandon Shea Marchand, 44, of Omak, pleaded guilty to the charge Sept. 25.
U.S. District Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson sentenced him to 115 months in prison, and three subsequent years of probation.
U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington Joseph H. Harrington said the sentence was at the high range because of the incident leading to Marchand’s arrest.
Court records show a tribal officer attempted to serve Marchand with a warrant in February, but Marchand fled on a four-wheeler.
The officer pursued him over winter terrain, records show, noting Marchand threatened the officer with a machete and a make-shift flame thrower constructed from a propane torch.
Marchand sprayed the officer with bear spray and threw a paint can at the officer, hitting him in the head, records show.
Marchand refused to comply with the officer and started to enter a residence, records show. Believing there were weapons inside, the officer shot Marchand in the leg.
The officer administered first aid and applied a tourniquet, records show.
When responders arrived, the officer and Marchand were treated, then transported to a Lincoln County hospital, records show.
During sentencing today, Judge Peterson noted Marchand’s violent criminal history, adding that he created a dangerous situation.
After sentencing, U.S. Attorney Harrington said:
“Tribal, local, state and federal law enforcement officers place themselves in harm’s way every day to protect the community. When individuals engage in criminal conduct and place our law enforcement officers and the public in danger of physical harm, it is a serious matter and warrants serious consequences.
“The sentence imposed holds Marchand accountable for his actions .”
U.S. Assistant Attorney David M. Herzog prosecuted the case.