Comments sought on Harvey Creek project

The Newport-Sullivan Lake Ranger Districts of the Colville National Forest is soliciting the public’s input on the proposed action for the Harvey Creek Sub-Watershed Restoration Project.

“The project proposes to improve water quality, reduce erosion, stabilize soils, reduce sediment going into the creeks from roads and generally benefit native fish in tributaries of Sullivan Lake,” explained CNL spokesman, Franklin Pemberton.

The project is part of a broader collaborative effort to recover native fish species in the lower Pend Oreille River.

Under the terms of the Boundary Hydroelectric Project license, issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in 2013, Seattle City Light established a fund for the improvement of aquatic habitat conditions in Harvey, Noisy and Jungle creeks that drain into Sullivan Lake.

The fund is managed by the Fish and Aquatics Working Group for the Boundary Hydropower License, which includes state and federal agencies, the Kalispel Tribe and conservation groups.

The Forest Service is completing the National Environmental Policy Act process for all potential restoration activities on national forest system lands that could be completed using this fund, Pemberton added.

“The initial proposed action was developed in collaboration with the Kalispel Tribe and is based on assessment of watershed conditions and prioritization of potential restoration actions to address alteration of stream habitat-forming processes,” Pemberton added.

The comment period allows the public an opportunity to provide “early and meaningful participation on an initial proposal action prior to a decision being made,” Pemberton added.

Public comments will be used to help refine the analysis and to inform the final decision on the project. Public comments should provide specific facts and supporting reasons to aid in the final decision.

For more information, contact Katy Day, Hydropower Coordinator, at (509) 684-7230, or