Creative Coaching Comes to Town

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Liv Stecker
Special to the S-E

More than just a published author, licensed counselor, artist and a registered nurse, Kerry Schafer is also a coach. Schafer has just opened the “creativity portal,” an artists’ space located in downtown Colville above The Pourhouse, where she leads friends, clients and fellow artists out of the creative rut with her new creative coaching service, which she calls Swimming North.

Schafer has 10 (soon to be 11) published books, both following the traditional route and independently published. Ranging from sci-fi to paranormal fantasy and a series of women’s fiction novels, Schafer explores multiple genres under her own name and the moniker Kerry Anne King.

Swimming North began with a penguin named Vivian that Schafer and a friend began tracking after he was rescued from an oil spill, rehabilitated and released to the wild. He had a GPS tracker that Schafer and other friends could follow online. For awhile, after Vivian’s release, he swam in circles, like many of us do before we find direction and focus. Then suddenly, and for reasons only known to a certain penguin, he started to swim north, a direction he maintained until his GPS tracker expired.

"Swimming North means, for me, going where my creativity takes me instead of where society, or publishers, or my family and friends, or even my agent says it should take me. It means listening to my intuition. It means writing the stories that want to be written, even when they turn out to be misfit tales that don't make bestseller lists because they don't appeal to the mainstream,” Schafer said.

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