Creative Patriotic Art Contest

Creative Patriotic Art Contest Kelly O’Keefe Post No. 6963 Ladies Auxiliary member Erin Grommé announced the kick-off of this year’s VFW Ladies Auxiliary “Creative Patriotic Art Contest.” The contest is part of the Youth Program, which is the fifth program to be adopted by the VFW Ladies Auxiliary. It started with the formation of the Daughters of the VFW in 1935. It was apparent in 1938 that hundreds of Auxiliaries were assisting in all kinds of youth activities in addition to the Daughters. From these beginnings, the current Youth Activities Program came into existence. Its purpose is to teach America’s youth about their responsibilities as citizens. The organization not only provides several scholarship opportunities, but also sponsors groups. The Young American Creative Patriotic Art Competition was established to recognize and reward high school students for expressing their patriotism visually through their art. High school students in this area have the opportunity to compete in the annual art contest and win prizes. Students begin by competing at the local Post level. Deadline for entries at the Post level is March 30. Post winners advance to District, then District winners compete in the state competition. First place price is $10,000 and that includes a plaque and airfare, plus two nights’ lodging to attend the Ladies Auxiliary National Convention. The first-place art will be featured on the cover of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Magazine and on the Auxiliary website. Second place prize is $5,000; third place is $2,500; forth place is $1,500; and fifth place through eighth place prizes are $500. The second and third place winners will be featured in the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Magazine and on the website. Fourth through eighth places will be featured on the website only. Interested students and teachers should contact the Youth Program chairperson at VFW Post No. 6963 by phone at (509) 690-2928 or visit the VFW Ladies Auxiliary website at