Democratic Party Caucuses April 15

Area Democrats looking to take part in the Stevens County Democratic Party Caucuses will have an opportunity on April 15 at various locations across the county. The caucuses will give local Democrats the opportunity to participate in the delegate election process and work on the county platform. The Democratic Party Caucuses are following the Stevens County Republican Party caucuses held in March. The Democratic caucuses will not be determining a candidate for president, as party support is already dedicated to President Barack Obama who is running for re-election. However, delegates to the county convention on April 29 may be elected as “uncommitted”, meaning they do not have to state a presidential preference. Caucus dates and locations To determine which Democratic caucus voters they should attend, registered voters must first determine which county precinct they are in via information with the county auditor. The precinct a voter resides in will determine which caucus the voter should attend. A map of the 55 county precincts is available through the Stevens County Auditor’s office. Precinct information can also be obtained by calling the Stevens County Elections Department at 684-7514 and providing voter information or an address. Precincts are also listed on individual voter identification cards. The Stevens County Democratic Party caucuses will be held on Sunday, April 15 at 1:00 at all locations. Locations are as follows:Colville Junior High Cafeteria, 900 S. Cedar Street for precincts: Arden 1, Arden 2, Colville 1,2,3,4,5,6,7; Colville Valley, Mill Creek, Echo, Narcisse, Orin 1, Orin 2.Jenkins High School Cafeteria in Chewelah, 702 East Lincoln for precincts: Addy, Chewelah 1,2,3,4; Quartzite 1,2; Valley 1,2, Waitts Lake.Kettle Falls Public Library, Meyers Street for precincts: Kettle Falls 1,2; Marcus, Meyers Falls 1,2; First Thought, Kelly Hill, Rock Cut.Northport City Hall, 315 Summit Avenue for precincts: Columbia, Evans, Northport, Onion Creek.Geromimo’s Restaurant in Springdale, 7 Shaffer Street for precincts: Camas, Clayton 1,2; Loon Lake 1,2; Springdale, Walker’s Prairie, Wellpinit.Evergreen School, 3341 Addy-Gifford Road for precincts: Daisy, Rice, Hunters, Summit Valley.Lakeside High School in Nine Mile Falls, 5909 HWY 291 for precincts: Tum 1,2,3,4,5; Williams Valley. For more information about the Stevens County Democratic Party is also available on or by calling Bob Esvelt at 738-6530.To watch a video on how caucuses work click here: