Designs by Debbie: Now for something completely different

When it comes to the artistry of floral arrangements, Debbie Therrian is kind of a big deal. Not that she acts as such, but Therrian's talents have taken her from Nevada to California, where she reigned at floral shows with her unique, expressive arrangements and was even honored as a top designer when she was 19-years-old. "I was a single mom and had to support my kids," says Therrian, her blonde hair matching her sunny demeanor. "I took floral arranging though an Regional Occupation Training program and just took off with it. I went to work at a flower shop not long after and found that I had a knack for mixing and matching flowers and decorative plants. I've been enjoying it ever since."It's not just Therrian's ability to put together a pretty bouquet or wreath; it's the materials she uses that bolsters her unique aesthetic. Dried pomegranates, curly willow branches, pieces or burlap bag, and deer antlers are just a sample of the various items she gets from nature. With these and more, she has crafted decorations for parties, weddings, even a hat that was used in a dance competition."Pine cones, feathers, eucalyptus, ting ting sticks---there's so many different things out there, and I enjoy combing them to make something different and beautiful."Besides working at her day job at Booth and LaDuke Motors in Colville, Therrian also owns and is the sole operator of Designs by Debbie, the name under which her creations are fashioned. She also plants and tends a large flower garden on her property (almost an acre), contributing the blooms to her bouquets. "No one is allowed to pick my flowers, except my little grandson," laughs Therrian. "He can get away with it. My kids know better."Originally from Auburn, CA., Therrian moved to the Colville area when her children were little (her daughter graduates from Colville High School this year). Her brother lived and worked in the area and told her it was a wonderful place to raise a family. Through all the moving and responsibilities that come with raising kids on one's own, Therrian continued to hone her craft. Nowadays, she is booked a year in advance to decorate area homes for Christmas. "If you just want a normal flower arrangement, I'm not your girl," says Therrian, smiling. "Everyone has their talent, and this is what God gave me."For more information, call Therrian at 680-4494, and check out her Facebook page at