Draft to be made of revised Parking Commission ordinance

KATIE LEITHEAD | Statesman-Examiner
S-E Staff Reporter

Final decision on whether changes will be made to
ordinances put on hold for further discussion

Revisions to a long standing city ordinance could change how the Colville Parking Commission operates.

During the Oct. 24 Colville City Council meeting, council members discussed the conflicts in language between the Business Improvement District (BID) and the Parking Commission ordinances as a follow-up to the Oct. 10 council meeting.

City Attorney Logan Worley said the money that's collected through the BID ordinance is funneled into the Parking Commission, which has a narrower scope for how it spends its funds.

Under the current Colville Municipal Code, Chapter 3.44.060, “Funds raised pursuant to the parking and business improvement area may be used for all purposes specifically authorized in RCW 35.87A.010.”

The RCW lists numerous purposes for BID funds, including the decoration of any public place, sponsorship or promotion of public events and providing maintenance and security for public areas.

“That's the inconsistency,” Worley said. “We're collecting it for all these reasons, but then it's going to the commission that has a much narrower scope.”

Mayor Louis Janke recommended council revise the ordinance to address the role of Parking Commission, and city council, as well as revise the BID ordinance “as needed” to address the “expanded range of things that may be funded.”

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