Election Day preliminary results (UPDATED)

Staff Reporter

These are the preliminary election results as of 8 p.m. Nov. 8. None of the races are over until election results are finalized on Nov. 29.

As of Nov. 8, 18,694 ballots were returned to the Stevens County Election Department, according to Stevens County Election Coordinator Shannan Hughes. Of these ballots, 13,100 have been processed and counted toward the results below. With that in mind, here is how Stevens County's local races currently stand:

Stevens County

In the race for Stevens County Commissioner of District 3, Republican incumbent Steve Parker leads with 8,581 votes (70.47 percent). His Democratic opponent Matt Wolohan trails behind with 3,535 votes.

Official write-in candidate Ashley Delp competes against Leslie Valz for the Stevens County Treasurer position. Valz currently leads the race with 9,942 votes (94.7 percent). Delp received 421 votes.


In Stevens County, leading the Ferry, Pend Oreille and Stevens County judicial race for Stevens Superior Court Judge, Position 1, is incumbent Judge Patrick Monasmith with 8,354 votes (74.48 percent total). His opponent Judge C. Olivia Irwin won 2,826 votes. Over the three counties, Monasmith leads with 73.21 percent of the votes.

Stevens County voters favor Judge Jessica (Taylor) Reeves for Stevens Superior Court Judge, Position 2, with 6,814 votes (60.12 percent). Judge Terry Williams currently has 4,484 votes. Reeves leads with 61.25 percent of the votes district.


Chewelah's School District's Proposition 1 for the dissolution and reapportionment of directors' districts is passing with 1,359 'yes' votes (75.84 percent).

Nine Mile Fall's School District's Proposition 1, involving bonds to construct a new Lakeside High School, is a multi-county race that includes Stevens and Spokane County. In Stevens County, the majority of voters (55.76 percent) voted 'no' with 668 votes. In Spokane County, the proposition is being approved with 595 votes (50.99 percent).

Wade Carpenter, running unopposed for Public Utility District Commissioner 1 received 9.077 votes in support.

Statewide races

Statewide, Democrat U.S. Senator incumbent Patty Murray leads over her Republican candidate Chris Vance with 53.47 percent of the votes. Stevens County voted in favor of Chris Vance, giving him 63.46 percent of the total votes in the county.

Republican U.S. Representative incumbent Cathy McMorris Rodgers has garnered 58.32 percent of the people's votes in the 5th district. Locally, she earned 66.43 percent of Stevens County's residents' votes. In Stevens County, Democrat Joe Pakootas won 33.31 percent of the votes.

Republican incumbent Shelly Short, running unopposed for State Representative, Position 1, for Legislative District 7 received 10,452 votes (97.33 percent) from Stevens County.

Republican State Representative, Position 2, for Legislative District 7 incumbent Joel Kretz leads the race against his Libertarian opponent Mike Foster. For the district, Kretz has 77.22 percent of the votes. From Stevens County, Kretz received 78.9 percent of the votes.

See next week's edition of the S-E for an update on local races as well as a look at statewide and national election results.