Elsie Grant

Elsie Agnes Hazel Jamieson Grant, born in Colville Oct. 10, 1920, passed away April 5, 2012, at the age of 91 in Richland, where a memorial gathering was held. She was the only daughter of Scottish immigrant parents, Gavin Waddell Jamieson (1877-1952) and Mary Aitken Potter Jamieson (1875-1961), who came to Rice in 1909, via South Africa, and was the sister of the late Donald Jamieson (1908-1989) of Colville. Elsie Grant attended various Stevens County schools, including Rice, Pleasant Valley, Colville and Kettle Falls. She graduated from Washington State University and taught high school business subjects in Hoquiam and Richland. In 1943, Elsie met and married Ralph C. Grant. While he was completing a graduate degree from Columbia University in New York City, she worked as an administrative secretary in the New York area. Elsie and Ralph moved to the Tri-Cities area in the early 1950s, where they raised their three children, Kathi, Sandee, and Jim.Upon finishing first grade in Colville in 1927, Elsie joined her family for an extended six-month trip to Scotland to visit relatives and family friends. The family traveled by train from Spokane to Montreal, Canada, via Chicago and Niagara Falls. Their ship was the first of the season to depart for Glasgow, Scotland, and it dodged ice floes in the St. Lawrence River as it headed out into the Atlantic Ocean. In later years, some of her Scottish relatives came to the USA to visit. One family story has been shared many times from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean from that 1927 visit. Elsie and some of her Scottish cousins were having their own tea party while their parents were visiting. One little cousin asked her, “Elsie, are you a Christian?” The adults were a bit shocked at her reply, “No.” However, a few moments later, Elsie continued, “I’m an American!”Elsie enjoyed reading, writing, playing bridge, traveling, and family gatherings. She was well known among her students for many of her mathematical feats, including adding multi-digit numbers “in her head.” Elsie, Ralph, and their children liked to take all-American road trips, often towing a small trailer. Elsie Grant is survived by her three children and their extended families, nephews, nieces, many friends, and a first cousin, Peter Jamieson, of Adelaide, Australia.