Employee dies at Colville North 40 store

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Emergency services responded to a call at the Colville North 40 store location this morning (8/2/18).

According to reports, Randy Rowland, a 63-year-old employee, was killed when a shelving unit fell on top of him.

An autopsy is scheduled.

The store will remain closed for a few days as the incident is investigated by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries as well as the Colville Police Department.

Stevens County Coroner Lorrie Sampson is quoted in the Spokesman: "All we know is that there was a very large shelving unit that toppled over, and kind of in a domino effect, took out another shelving unit. Both shelving units combined and came down on this man. They're very heavy."

Management of North 40 request that individuals keep the family and co-workers of those affected in their thoughts and prayers.