Family flees flames

Ian Pickett
Contributing Columnist

The afternoon of August 11, I had just gotten home from work, taken my shoes off and changed into some shorts. I laid on my bed and opened up Facebook. One of my Facebook friends who was out on the lake had posted a picture of a small fire on the West Side of the lake south of Barney's Junction. Realizing that was within a couple of miles of my home, I walked out the front door and saw a column of smoke. The wind was blowing directly at my house at around 40 mph.

I posted a picture of it on Facebook along with a four letter expletive and told my two sons: "We may have to keep an eye on that."

Within five minutes of that moment, a firefighter came speeding up my driveway, jumped out of his truck and said: "You gotta get out now, it's coming straight for us!"

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