First COVID-19 Case in Stevens County

Staff Writer

First Positive COVID-19 Test Reported in Stevens County

Northeast Tri County Health District (NETCHD) was notified today, March 20, 2020, of the first positive COVID- 19 test for a tri-county resident.

The individual who tested positive for COVID-19 is a Stevens County resident. The individual is in isolation and receiving medical care. NETCHD is notifying potential close contacts and these individuals will be given additional guidance and advised of precautions they should take.

We understand that news of this first confirmed case in our community can create fear and uncertainty. NETCHD has been working aggressively with our medical providers, emergency management teams, and community partners to protect the health of the public.

With a growing number of cases in Washington State and the United States, the risk to the general public is increasing. It is likely that more cases will be confirmed in our area in the future. The risk to the local community is being assessed regularly and public health recommendations will be updated, as needed, based on the current risk.