Gold Creek Loop road repairs delayed due to mud and winter

Wayne Cornwall | Contributed
S-E Staff Reporter

Winter is coming as construction on Gold Creek Loop Road continues. The end date for the reconstruction project has been delayed multiple times this autumn. The most recent plan called for laying down rocks this winter and chip sealing next year, but that was an optimistic goal.

“We've been working feverishly on the project throughout the entire process,” said Jason Hart, Assistant County Engineer/Assistant Public Works Director. “But we're coming to a point here where the weather might not continue to cooperate with us.

“We might have to postpone construction for now and come back in the spring.”

Heavy rain and snow melt in late May and early April caused one large mudslide and two smaller ones on Monumental Mountain west of Colville. The slides destroyed portions of Gold Creek Loop Road in the area known as Fay Hill, which has prevented through traffic ever since.

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