Golf: Wanderers group scores at Dominion Meadows — Colville

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Dominion Meadows – Colville
Wanderers Group Scores/Par 72

Group 1:
Rich Hunter 48.16/52.18/100.34 NS
Kent King 54.21/53.20/107.41
Jed Metlow 43.17/43.15/86.32 GN
Ron Moore 42.20/42.13/84.33
Group Totals: 60/59/119/Putts 140

Group 2:
Dan Giordano 44.16/48.16/92.32 N4
Tom Hart 46.16/45.16/91.32 G3
Ed Maffei 56.22/51.16/107.38 NS
Joe Moore 51.16/52.17/103.33 NC
Group Totals: 57/58/115/Putts 135

Group 3:
Jerry Borders 51.16/47.17/98.33 NS
Allen Garr 55.20/52.20/107.40 GS
Bill McConnell 50.20/49.14/99.34 NC
Greg Schmidt 55.18/46.17/101.35 NS
Group Totals: 59/57/116/Putts 142

Group 4:
Leroy Day 49.19/42.14/91.33 NS
Doug Fredrick 48.19/50.19/98.38 NS
George Lucero 45.17/46.19/91.36 GS
Leon Martin 46.18/48.16/94.34 GN
Group Totals: 57/61/118/Putts 141

Group 5:
Chris Di Rienz 41.14/40.18/81.32 NS
Eric Peterson 60.20/52.15/112.35 NC
Harold Rothwell 53.18/51.17/104.35 NC
Greg Schmidt 55.18/46.17/101.35 NS
Group Totals: 62/56/118/Putts 137

Group 6:
Ray Cassel 52.18/52.20/104.38 NS
Tom Dodson 46.15/49.17/95.32 NS
Dale Percy 53.16/59.17/112.33 NS
Jerry Prolo 44.16/42.18/86.34 NS
Group Totals: 59/63/122/Putts 137

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