Gov. Inslee establishes five markers for COVID-19 risk assessment

Staff Writer

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced a risk assessment dashboard to gauge when the appropriate time to lift restrictions around the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order at Wednesday's press conference, following an announcement that the order would stay in place past May 4.

The dashboard is made up of five different categories: risk to vulnerable populations, COVID-19 disease activity, health care system readiness, testing capacity and availability and case and contact investigations.

The first of those categories, risk to vulnerable populations, currently sits at medium risk. That is measured by the number of outbreaks in long term care facilities per week and demographic and equity data.

The second, COVID-19 disease activity, is in the low-medium risk pool and is measured by COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Washington. The rates of COVID-19 spread throughout Washington. Modeling data from IDM, IHME and Youyang Gu and Physical distancing adherence trends in the state.

The third is health care system readiness, also in the low-medium risk pool. It is measured by hospital beds, ICU capacity, ventilator numbers and state PPE procurement.

The fourth is testing capacity and availability, which is in the medium-high risk pool and is the closest dial to high risk. It is measured by the number of tests performed per day and testing capacity, including supply chain and speed.

The fifth is case and contact investigations, which is in the medium-high risk pool, but closer to medium risk. It is measured by the number of investigators trained and working, the availability of isolation and quarantine facilities in active jurisdictions, the percent of cases investigated within 24 hours of receipt of positive test reports, and the percent of contacts reached within 48 hours of receipt of report.

Inslee will be addressing the current state of the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order tomorrow, May 1.