Graduates of Stevens County Veterans Court speak highly of the program

Katie Leithead | Statesman-Examiner
Katie Leithead
S-E Staff Reporter

Stevens County Veterans Treatment Court gives veterans the chance for a fresh start.

Over the last year, Justin Pearce and Thomas Barton participated in the program, meeting all the requirements necessary to graduated on Jan. 11.

“Up until last year I was stuck in a rut. I kept repeating the same wrong behaviors and having to live with the negative repercussions. I had given up on myself and my local community, I was always feeling like an outcast. When I moved to Stevens County I was trying to get a fresh, clean start with an area I had fallen in love with, but I was repeating my same routine and found myself in trouble in my new home,” Pearce said.

When he found out he qualified for veterans court he admitted to having “reservations about it.” The support from the program, his mentor, the judge and fellow veterans helped to change his mind.

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