Gun-control measure passing statewide as NE Washington opposes

Roger Harnack

Voters statewide appear to be in the mood for more gun control.
An initial count Tuesday night on Initiative 1639 shows that the measure received 1,178,557 votes, or 60.38-percent support.
The measure would restrict all gun possession and ownership to adults older than 21, including most hunting rifles. The measure would also make firearm owners criminally liable if their weapon was used by someone else to commit a crime.
Statewide, 773,368 voters opposed the measure.
Stevens County bucked the statewide trend, as did Ferry and Pend Oreille counties.
In Stevens County, only 27.5 percent of voters backed the initiative while 72.5 percent opposed it.
In Ferry County, only 26.9 percent of voters supported I-1639; 73.1 percent opposed it.
And in Pend Oreille County, 30.3 percent of voters cast ballots in support of more stringent gun control, while 69.7 percent opposed it.